Starting out as Keens and Keens, under the direction of Ian Keens, the story of Manna Farms has been a long time in the making. The first property, in Nangiloc in northwest Victoria, was purchased by Ian in 1969 and in all the years since, the family has dedicated itself to growing only the highest quality produce.

Originally a vegetable farm, Ian expanded his range to include almonds in 1972 and was one of the first growers in the region to do so. When a neighbouring property became available in 1982, Keens and Keens bought it and absorbed it into their existing holding, creating a 45 hectare farming business.

By the end of 1984, they'd further increased their acreage, purchasing a 163 hectare property in nearby Colignan.

Focusing on almonds and citrus, the Keens' properties were on the cutting edge of horticultural innovation, with Ian constantly looking for better and newer approaches to farming.

From 2006, Keens and Keens was reborn with a new name that reflects the vision the family has for their business and your food - Manna, meaning divine nourishment or life force.

In 2008 another three properties were purchased, to make up what they call Chislett and two years later, in 2010, the final property Castles Crossing was purchased.
Manna Farms is now an all seasons farming enterprise that boasts a range of citrus and avocado varieties and is the largest producer of biodynamic almonds in the country.

Ian, David and Rob, who represent the fourth generation of 'Keens farmers', are Manna Farms. They're committed to producing healthy food in healthy soils. They have designed their properties to meet the standards for bio-dynamic and organic certification because they believe it is the best way to produce food that will nourish your life.

Telephone: 03 5029 1185